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EEZ: MeaningCategory
EEZEconomic Exclusion Zone or Exclusive Economic ZoneAcronym
EEZExclusive Economic ZoneMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to eez

  • EC- European Commission
  • EEC- Electronic Engine Control
  • EHS- Enhanced surveillance
  • EHSI- Electronic horizontal situation indicator
  • EEOC- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • EOC- Episode of care … also Emergency operations center... also Explanation of coverage
  • ECU- Environmental control unit
  • EEG- Electroencephalogram
  • ECC- Emergency coordination center
  • EAAK- Enhanced Appliqué Armor Kit (US)
  • EAOS- Enhanced Artillery Observation System
  • ECS- Environmental Control Subsystem
  • EG- External Gun
  • EIS- Engineering and Installation Squadron
  • ES- Extreme Spread
  • EWK- Eisenwerke Kaiserslautern Gцppner
  • EWS- external weapon station