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ELF: Meaning Category
ELF Executable and Linking Format Open Standards
ELF Earth Liberation Front Acronym
ELF Endangered Language Fund Acronym
ELF Eritrean Liberation Front Acronym
ELF Executable and Linkable Format Acronym
ELF Extremely Low Frequency Acronym
ELF El Fasher Airport [El Fasher, Sudan] IATA Airport Code
ELF Eat Local Food Community abbreviations
ELF Everyone Loves a Friend Community abbreviations
ELF Early Learning Four Educational abbreviations
ELF Early Literacy Fundamentals Educational abbreviations
ELF Empowerment, Leadership, and Fun Educational abbreviations
ELF Ecardiy Language File computing abbreviations and acronyms
ELF Extension Language Facility computing abbreviations and acronyms
ELF Extremely Low Frequency (30 - 300 Hz) Military abbreviations
ELF Electronic Literature Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
ELF Elimination of Leukaemia Fund Non-Profit Organizations
ELF Embedded Linker Format software abbreviations and acronyms
ELF English Language Frontend software abbreviations and acronyms
ELF Essential Lahey Fortran software abbreviations and acronyms
ELF Extended LISP Functionality software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to elf

  • ELB - Extended Life Barrel
  • EELV - Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
  • ELP - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  • ELV - Elfin Cove Seaplane Base
  • ELLF - Eastside Latino Leadership Forum
  • ELLP - English Language Leadership Program
  • ELOP - Early Learning Outreach Program
  • ELPBO - English Language Proficiency Benchmarks and Outcomes
  • EHLLAPI - Emulator High Level Language Applications Programming Interface
  • ELBA - Emergency Locator Beacon
  • ELPP - Equal Level Patch Panel