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EPC: Meaning Category
EPC European Patent Convention Open Standards
EPC electronic plane conversion military
EPC Engin Principal de Combat (future main battle tank) military
EPC Electronics Part Catalogue Electronics abbreviations
EPC Enhanced Pci Controller computing abbreviations and acronyms
EPC Entropic Proprietary Coding computing abbreviations and acronyms
EPC Electronic Phone Check Military abbreviations
EPC Emergency Procurement Committee Military abbreviations
EPC Educational Programs Committee University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to epc

  • EAFUS - "Everything" Added to Food in the United States (FDA list)
  • EAPC - Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
  • EAP-CJCS - Emergency Action Procedures of The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • EAPG - European Association for Philanthropy and Giving
  • EAPS - European Association for Population Studies
  • EBACC - East Berlin Area Community Center
  • EBBC - Eye Bank of British Columbia
  • EBBS - Electronic Bulletin Board System
  • EBC - Echelons Below Corps
  • EBEC - European BEST Engineering Competition
  • EBG - Engin Blindé Génie (armoured combat vehicle)
  • EBGA - Evangeline Booth Garden Apartments
  • EBIC - Electron-Beam-Induced Current
  • EBJ - Esbjerg Airport
  • EBPS - Enterprise Business Portal Solution
  • EBS - Webster City Municipal Airport
  • EBSA - Employee Benefits Security Administration
  • EBSCO - Elton B. Stephens COmpany
  • EBSI - Essex Biomedical Sciences Institute
  • EFAC - Emergency Family Assistance Center