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EROS: MeaningCategory
EROSEarth Resources Observation SystemAcronym
EROSEncouraging Respect Of SexualitiesCommunity abbreviations
EROSEducation and Resources On SexualityEducational abbreviations
EROSEducation Resources On SexualityEducational abbreviations
EROSElectronic Repository Operating Systemcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
EROSEliminate Range Zero Situation (spelled with either letter 'o' Or Digit Zero)Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to eros

  • ERISA- Employee Retirement Income Security Act
  • ERC- Engin de Reconnaissance Canon
  • ERSC- extended range subcalibre
  • ERCC- Engine Run Crew Change
  • ERS- Engineroom Supervisor
  • ERG- Erbogachen Airport
  • ERQ- Elrose Airport
  • ERZ- Erzurum Airport
  • EUROCAE- European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
  • 99ERS- Unemployed persons who exhausted all 99 weeks of insurance
  • EIRC- Education Information and Resource Center
  • ERIC- Education Resources Information Center