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EW: MeaningCategory
EWelectronic warfaremilitary
EWElectronic WarfareAirforce
EWElectronic Warfare|| ExawattAcronym
EW(celestial object) Eclipsing W Ursa Majoris, a class of eclipsing binary stars named after W Ursa Majoris, the archetype for the classastronomy
EWEmpty Weightaerospace
EWExtended wearoptometric
EWElectronic Watchdogcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
EWEqual Weightcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
EWEntertainment Weeklymedia abbreviations and acronyms
EWExact Wordingmedia abbreviations and acronyms
EWEarly WarningMilitary abbreviations
EWElectromagnetic WarfareMilitary abbreviations
EWElite WarriorsMilitary abbreviations
EWEnlisted WomanMilitary abbreviations
EWEmacs Waitsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
EWExtreme Wrestlingsports abbreviations
EWElements of WritingUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ew

  • EEE- Embrace
  • EU- European Union
  • EI- Engineering and Installation
  • EO- Equal Opportunity
  • EWO- Electronic Warfare Officer
  • EOOW- Engineering Officer of the Watch
  • E- East
  • EA- Electronic Attack||Emotions Anonymous||Engagement Area||Electronic Arts||Enrolled Agent||Environmental Assessment||Enterprise Architect|| Exaampere
  • ee- Ewe language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • E&E- Escape and Evasion (training)
  • EEO- Equal Employment Opportunity
  • EH- Exahenry||Western Sahara (ISO 3166 digram)
  • EHA- Emotional Health Anonymous