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F.: MeaningCategory
F.Fecit ("Did"); or Filius ("Son"); or Feliciter ("Happily")ecclesiastical
µF: MeaningCategory
µFmicroFaradElectronics abbreviations
F: MeaningCategory
FFluorineChemistry abbreviations
FFilament (vacuum tube)Electronics abbreviations
Fform F (polar make; make) contactsElectronics abbreviations
FFrequencyElectronics abbreviations
FFoocomputing abbreviations and acronyms
FFormatcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
FFlopmedia abbreviations and acronyms
FFocal lengthmedia abbreviations and acronyms
FFahrenheitMilitary abbreviations
FFighterMilitary abbreviations
FFlare PatternsMilitary abbreviations
FFlashMilitary abbreviations
FFantasysports abbreviations
FFastsports abbreviations
FFitnesssports abbreviations
FFootballsports abbreviations
FFussballsports abbreviations
FFacultyUniversity abbreviations
FFailureUniversity abbreviations
FFairUniversity abbreviations
FFalseUniversity abbreviations
FFinalUniversity abbreviations
f: MeaningCategory

Abbreviations similar to f

  • FAA- Federal Aviation Administration
  • FBW- Fly-by-wire
  • FF- Fuel flow
  • FI- Fiscal intermediary
  • FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FFE- Fire for Effect
  • FH- field howitzer
  • FO- Forward Observer
  • FOO- forward observation officer
  • FPA- Focal Plane Array
  • FUE- First Unit Equipped
  • FV- fighting vehicle
  • FY- fiscal year
  • FOA- Field Operating Agency
  • FOUO- For Official Use Only
  • FW- Fighter Wing
  • FA- Fireman Apprentice
  • FHO- Foundation house officer
  • FAO- Food and Agriculture Organization