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  • FPL- Federal Poverty Level
  • FAL- Fusil Automatique Légère
  • FLEA- Frangible Low-Energy Ammunition (i.e. a fragmentation grenade or a low-yield IED)
  • FILA- Fédération internationale des luttes associées (French, "International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles")
  • FILO- First In, Last Out (see also LIFO)
  • fl- floruit (Latin, "living") (genealogy)
  • FLA- Florida|| Front Line Assembly||Future Large Aircraft
  • ful- Fula language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • FIL- FIL log
  • FLOW- flow and buildup test report
  • FWL- free water level
  • FBL- Faribault Municipal Airport
  • FEL- Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base
  • FFL- Fairfield Municipal Airport