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FAIR: MeaningCategory
FAIRFamilies Acting for Innocent RelativesCommunity abbreviations
FAIRFamily Action, Information, and RescueCommunity abbreviations
FAIRFamily Advocacy and Information ResourceEducational abbreviations
FAIRFairness and Accuracy In Reportingmedia abbreviations and acronyms
FAIRFellowship Agency for International ReliefNon-Profit Organizations
FAIRFreedom Athletic Inequities Responsesports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to fair

  • FAAR- Forward Area Alerting Radar (US)
  • FFAR- Folding Fin Aerial Rocket
  • FR- Fireman Recruit
  • FRI- Food Research Institute
  • FBR- Fast Breeder Reactor
  • FEAR- First Encounter Assault Recon||False Evidence Appears Real
  • FFR- Fédération française de rugby (French, "French Rugby (Union) Federation")
  • FIR- Final Inspection Report
  • FOR- Field Of Regard||Frame Of Reference
  • fra- French language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • frr- North Frisian language (ISO 639-2 code)