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FAITHFacing Aids Is Through HopeCommunity abbreviations
FAITHFood Arts Idioms Traditions And HospitalityCommunity abbreviations
FAITHFood Assistance Immediate Temporary HelpCommunity abbreviations
FAITHFamilies Are Important To HomeschoolingEducational abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to faith

  • FAT- File Allocation Table
  • FD- Flight Director
  • FDU- Flux detector unit
  • FDA- Food and Drug Administration
  • FTE- Full-time equivalent
  • FAAD- Forward Area Air Defense
  • FET- Future Engineer Tank
  • FID- Foreign Internal Defenses
  • FITOW- Further Improved TOW (US)
  • FOD- Foreign Object Damage (i.e., damage not caused by enemy fire. Includes bugs, dirt, etc.) (Aviation)
  • FOTT- Follow On To TOW
  • FTA- Frangible Training Ammunition
  • FTT- Field Tactical Trainer
  • FVDD- Fighting Vehicle Development Division
  • FTU- Formal Training Unit
  • FTW- Flying Training Wing
  • FDO- Flight Deck Officer