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FCC Flight Control Computer avionics
FCC Fire Command Centre military
FCC Fire-Control Computer military
FCC U.S. Federal Communications Commission Acronym
FCC (catalog) Fornax Cluster Catalog, a catalog of galaxies in the Fornax Cluster astronomy
FCC Federal Communications Commission (US) [Organization] IT
FCC Face Centered Cubic Chemistry abbreviations
FCC Fluid Catalytic Cracking Chemistry abbreviations
FCC Food Chemical Codex Chemistry abbreviations
FCC Family Child Care Community abbreviations
FCC Federal Communications Commission Community abbreviations
FCC Fostering Communications Community Community abbreviations
FCC Friday Connerie Contest Community abbreviations
FCC Fun Commitment Caring Community abbreviations
FCC Flat Conductor Cable Electronics abbreviations
FCC ForeCourt Controller Electronics abbreviations
FCC Chief Fire Controlman Military abbreviations
FCC Family Care Center Military abbreviations
FCC Family Care Clinic Military abbreviations
FCC Federal Coordinating Center Military abbreviations
FCC Flight Control Center Military abbreviations
FCC Flight Coordination Center Military abbreviations
FCC Functional Combatant Commander Military abbreviations
FCC Fur Council of Canada Non-Profit Organizations
FCC Fairburn Cricket Club sports abbreviations
FCC Football Charity Cup sports abbreviations
FCC Florida Christian College University abbreviations
FCC Freshman Class Council University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to fcc

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • FHS - Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  • FOSS - Free/Open Source Software
  • FSG - Free Standards Group
  • FCS - Flight Control System
  • FG - Flight Guidance
  • FSS - Flight service station
  • FWS - Flight warning system
  • FEC - Freestanding emergency center
  • FFS - Fee for service
  • FSA - Flexible spending accounts
  • FACHE - Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives
  • FBS - Fasting blood sugar
  • FSH - Follicle-stimulating hormone
  • FAC - Forward Air Control(er)
  • FAC-A - Forward Air Control(er)-Airborne
  • FACE - Field Artillery Computer Equipment
  • FCE - fire-control equipment