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FCCLA: MeaningCategory
FCCLAFamily, Career, and Community Leaders of AmericaNon-Profit Organizations
FCCLAFuture Cooking and Cleaning Ladies of AmericaNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to fccla

  • FSCL- fire support coordination line
  • FCLA- Fraud Claims Law Associate
  • FGEOL- final geological report
  • FGL- Fox Glacier Airport
  • FKL- Venango Regional Airport (Chess Lamberton Field)
  • FSL- Fossil Downs Airport
  • FC-AL- Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
  • FOCL- Friends Of Claytor Lake
  • FCL- Fault Current Limiter
  • FEGLI- Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
  • FFCLA- Family, Career and Community Leaders of America