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FD Flight Director avionics
FD Falun Dafa Acronym
FD flight director aerospace
FD Fixation disparity optometric
FD Foster Daughter Community abbreviations
FD Full-component Distortion Electronics abbreviations
FD File Descriptor computing abbreviations and acronyms
FD Floppy Disk computing abbreviations and acronyms
FD FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Directory computing abbreviations and acronyms
FD First Draft media abbreviations and acronyms
FD Fire Direction Military abbreviations
FD Focused Dispatch (exercise) Military abbreviations
FD From Temporary Duty Military abbreviations
FD Fuertes Defensas (exercise) Military abbreviations
FD Functional Description Military abbreviations
FD Filter Default software abbreviations and acronyms
FD Fumbled sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to fd

  • FAT - File Allocation Table
  • FDU - Flux detector unit
  • FDA - Food and Drug Administration
  • FTE - Full-time equivalent
  • FAAD - Forward Area Air Defense
  • FET - Future Engineer Tank
  • FID - Foreign Internal Defenses
  • FITOW - Further Improved TOW (US)
  • FOD - Foreign Object Damage (i.e., damage not caused by enemy fire. Includes bugs, dirt, etc.) (Aviation)
  • FOTT - Follow On To TOW
  • FTA - Frangible Training Ammunition
  • FTT - Field Tactical Trainer
  • FVDD - Fighting Vehicle Development Division
  • FTU - Formal Training Unit
  • FTW - Flying Training Wing
  • FDO - Flight Deck Officer