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FDC: MeaningCategory
FDCfire direction centremilitary
FDCFood Distribution Corporationghana
FDCFederal Detention Center (U.S.)||Fire Direction CentreAcronym
FDCformation density logoil&gas
FDCFloppy Disk Controllercomputing
FDCFirst Day CoverCommunity abbreviations
FDCFault Detection and ClassificationElectronics abbreviations
FDCFacility Design CriteriaMilitary abbreviations
FDCFire Direction CenterMilitary abbreviations
FDCFirst Digitized CorpsMilitary abbreviations
FDCFleet Division ChiefMilitary abbreviations
FDCFathers Dot ComNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to fdc

  • FADEC- Full authority digital engine control
  • FYDS- Flight director/ Yaw damper system
  • FTC- Federal Trade Commission
  • FTS- Future Tank Study
  • FTAC- First Term Airman's Center
  • FAADEZ- Forward Area Air Defence Engagement Zone
  • FEATS- Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies link title
  • FITS- Flexible Image Transport System
  • FOTC- Flight of the Conchords
  • FTSE- Financial Times Stock Exchange ("footsie")
  • FDS- functional design specification
  • FDK- Frederick Municipal Airport
  • FTK- Godman Army Airfield
  • FTX- Owando Airport
  • FTTC- Fiber To The Curb