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FEB Federación Española de Baloncesto (Spanish, "Spanish Basketball Federation") Acronym
FEB Federatie Eredivisie Basketball (Dutch, "Federation Honorary Division (of) Basketball"), the former name of the basketball competition now known in Dutch by the English-language Dutch Basketball League Acronym
FEB Força Expedicionária Brasileira (Portuguese, "Brazilian Expeditionary Force") Acronym
FEB Sanfebagar Airport [Sanfebagar, Nepal] IATA Airport Code
FEB (celestial object) Falling-Evaporating Body, a solid planetary object that is being evaporated by the stellar wind astronomy
FEB Força Expedicionária Brasileira Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to feb

  • FAF - Final approach fix
  • FOB - Fuel On-Board
  • FEHBP - Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
  • FAV - Fast Attack Vehicle (US)
  • FEBA - Forward Edge of the Battle Area
  • FEP - Firepower Enhancement Programme
  • FIBUA - Fighting In Built-Up Areas
  • FIFV - Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (US)
  • FOV - field of view
  • FAIP - First Assignment Instructor Pilot
  • FOIB - Freedom of Information Bill
  • FPIB - Forest Production Inspection Bureau
  • FAAFP - Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians
  • FAB - Feline Advisory Bureau (UK feline charity)
  • FAPA - Fellow of the American Psychological Association
  • FAPHA - Fellow of the American Public Health Association
  • FEF - Frontal Eye Field (neurophysiology)
  • FFOV - Forward Field Of View