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FEFFrontal Eye Field (neurophysiology)Acronym

Abbreviations similar to fef

  • FAF- Final approach fix
  • FOB- Fuel On-Board
  • FEHBP- Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
  • FAV- Fast Attack Vehicle (US)
  • FEBA- Forward Edge of the Battle Area
  • FEP- Firepower Enhancement Programme
  • FIBUA- Fighting In Built-Up Areas
  • FIFV- Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (US)
  • FOV- field of view
  • FAIP- First Assignment Instructor Pilot
  • FOIB- Freedom of Information Bill
  • FPIB- Forest Production Inspection Bureau
  • FAAFP- Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians
  • FAB- Feline Advisory Bureau (UK feline charity)
  • FAPA- Fellow of the American Psychological Association
  • FAPHA- Fellow of the American Public Health Association
  • FEB- Federación Española de Baloncesto (Spanish, "Spanish Basketball Federation")