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FLAC: Meaning Category
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec Open Standards
FLAC Free Legal Advice Centres Acronym

Abbreviations similar to flac

  • FLSW - Future Light Support Weapon
  • FLAK - FLugAbwehrKanone (German for "Anti-Aircraft Guns")
  • FLG - Falun Gong
  • FLK - Also Funny-Looking Kid, a medical initialism for a young child with a mostly normal but somewhat unusual ("funny") appearance that raises the suspicion index for congenital disorder. Used only before a medical diagnosis has determined the cause of the unusual appearance.
  • FLSA - Fair Labor Standards Act
  • FLQ - Front de libération du Québec (French for "Québec Liberation Front")
  • FLS - fluid sample
  • FLC - Falls Creek Airport
  • FLX - Fallon Municipal Airport
  • FLOSS - Free/Libre/Open Source Software
  • FELCC - Firm Energy Load Carrying Capability
  • FLASH - Family Life And Sexual Health