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FOCUS: Meaning Category
FOCUS Families Of Children Under Stress Community abbreviations
FOCUS Family Opportunities Create Understanding And Success Community abbreviations
FOCUS Family-Oriented Community United and Strong Community abbreviations
FOCUS Finding Our Community United Safely Community abbreviations
FOCUS Flint Opportunities Centered Upon Success Community abbreviations
FOCUS Forging Our Comprehensive Urban Strategy Community abbreviations
FOCUS Fostering Our Communities Unique Strengths Community abbreviations
FOCUS Freeing Our Community Using Skills Community abbreviations
FOCUS Furthering Our Children's United Services Community abbreviations
FOCUS Focusing On Choices Underlying Success Educational abbreviations
FOCUS Fostering Originality, Creativity, Understanding, and Self Educational abbreviations
FOCUS Families OverComing Under Stress Family Resiliency Training Military abbreviations
FOCUS Family Outreach Community United Services Non-Profit Organizations
FOCUS Family-Oriented Counseling and Unique Services Non-Profit Organizations
FOCUS Federation Of Charitable University Students University abbreviations
FOCUS Fellowship Of Catholic University Students University abbreviations
FOCUS Fellowship Of Christian University Students University abbreviations
FOCUS Financial Occupations Club For University Students University abbreviations
FOCUS Fostering Off Campus University Success University abbreviations
FOCUS Future Opportunities for Communication Undergraduate Students University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to focus

  • FQHC - Federally Qualified Health Center
  • FOCAS - (instrumentation) Faint Object Camera And Spectrograph, an instrument for the Subaru Telescope
  • FCHC - Face Centered Hyper-Cubic
  • FSAC - Fire Services Advisory Committee
  • FSAQ - Full Scale Attention Quotient
  • FSIQ - Full Scale Intelligence Quotient
  • FCHG - Fleet Commanders Honor Guard
  • FCIS - Flight Crew Information System
  • FGOS - Flag and General Officer Seminar
  • FOSIC - Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center
  • FSIC - Forward Sensor Interface and Control
  • FACES - Family Assessment Counseling and Educational Services
  • FCIK - Fight Crime: Invest in Kids
  • FSAS - Fort Smith Animal Society
  • FSIX - Functionally Structured UNIX
  • FSAG - Filipino Sports Association of Guam