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F&SF: Meaning Category
F&SF (The Magazine of) Fantasy & Science Fiction Acronym
FSF: Meaning Category
FSF Free Software Foundation Open Standards
FSF Flight Safety Foundation aerospace
FSF Friends Supporting Friends Educational abbreviations
FSF File Skip Forward computing abbreviations and acronyms
FSF File System Forward computing abbreviations and acronyms
FSF Forward Skip File computing abbreviations and acronyms
FSF Foreign Security Forces Military abbreviations
FSF Fat Software Foundation software abbreviations and acronyms
FSF Free Software Fundation software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to fsf

  • FAASV - Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (US)
  • FACHV - four-arm calliper log
  • FACP - Fellow of the American College of Physicians
  • FASAP - Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
  • FASB - Financial Accounting Standards Board
  • FASEB - Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  • FBCB2 - Force XXI Battle Command - Brigade and Below
  • F-CAP - Force-Closure Analysis Program
  • FCB - Ficksburg Sentra Oes Airport
  • FCBOA - Frederick County Basketball Officials Association
  • FCBOE - Fayette County Board of Education
  • FCCP - Family Child Care Partnerships
  • FCF - Functional Check Flight
  • FCFF - Full Contact Fighting Federation
  • FCFH - Fort Campbell Family Housing
  • FCFI - Foster Children's Foundation, Incorporated
  • FCFP - Full Circle Family Program
  • FCFV - Family Care in the Fox Valley, Incorporated
  • FCFW - Friendship Community For Women
  • FCFY - Franklin County Family YMCA