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FSG Fluorinated Silicate Glass Electronics abbreviations
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Abbreviations similar to fsg

  • 147FAHS - 147th Field Artillery Historical Society
  • 2FG - Two-point field goal. Used in Euroleague Basketball box scores, but not generally in North America.
  • 339FSA - 339th Fighter Squadron Association
  • 352FGA - 352nd Fighter Group Association
  • 356FGA - 356th Fighter Group Association
  • 361FGA - 361th Fighter Group Association
  • 365FGA - 365th Fighter Group Association
  • 367FGA - 367th Fighter Group Association
  • 3FG - Three-point field goal. Euroleague uses "3FG", while the NBA uses "3P"; North American media outlets, such as ESPN, generally (but not always) follow NBA practice.
  • 474FGA - 474th Fighter Group Association World War II
  • 475FGHA - 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation
  • 520FSA - 510th Fighter Squadron Association
  • 527FBSA - 527th Fighter-Bomber Squadron Association
  • 59FSA - 59th Fighter Squadron Association
  • 79FGA - 79th Fighter Group Association
  • 86FBGA - 86th Fighter-Bomber Group Association
  • FAAQ - Frequently Asked and Anticipated Questions (cf. FAQ)
  • FAAS - Federation Of American Aquarium Societies
  • FAC - Forward Air Control(er)
  • FAC-A - Forward Air Control(er)-Airborne