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FSG: MeaningCategory
FSGFree Standards GroupOpen Standards
FSGFluorinated Silicate GlassElectronics abbreviations
FSGFamily Support GroupMilitary abbreviations
FSGFederal Supply GroupMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to fsg

  • FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions
  • FHS- Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  • FOSS- Free/Open Source Software
  • FCC- Flight Control Computer
  • FCS- Flight Control System
  • FG- Flight Guidance
  • FSS- Flight service station
  • FWS- Flight warning system
  • FEC- Freestanding emergency center
  • FFS- Fee for service
  • FSA- Flexible spending accounts
  • FACHE- Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives
  • FBS- Fasting blood sugar
  • FSH- Follicle-stimulating hormone
  • FAC- Forward Air Control(er)
  • FAC-A- Forward Air Control(er)-Airborne
  • FACE- Field Artillery Computer Equipment