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FT formation tester log oil&gas
FT Firm Transportation Service energy
FT Free throw sports
FT Feed Through Electronics abbreviations
FT Final Test Electronics abbreviations
FT Finite Transducer Electronics abbreviations
FT Fourier Transform Electronics abbreviations
FT File Type computing abbreviations and acronyms
FT Financial Times newspaper media abbreviations and acronyms
FT Font for Titles media abbreviations and acronyms
FT Feet Military abbreviations
FT Fort Military abbreviations
FT Fox Tango Military abbreviations
FT Future Tank Military abbreviations
FT Foundation Trust Non-Profit Organizations
FT Functional Testing software abbreviations and acronyms
FT First Team sports abbreviations
FT Free Throws sports abbreviations
FT Field Trip University abbreviations
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fT Femtotesla Acronym

Abbreviations similar to ft

  • FAT - File Allocation Table
  • FD - Flight Director
  • FDU - Flux detector unit
  • FDA - Food and Drug Administration
  • FTE - Full-time equivalent
  • FAAD - Forward Area Air Defense
  • FET - Future Engineer Tank
  • FID - Foreign Internal Defenses
  • FITOW - Further Improved TOW (US)
  • FOD - Foreign Object Damage (i.e., damage not caused by enemy fire. Includes bugs, dirt, etc.) (Aviation)
  • FOTT - Follow On To TOW
  • FTA - Frangible Training Ammunition
  • FTT - Field Tactical Trainer
  • FVDD - Fighting Vehicle Development Division
  • FTU - Formal Training Unit
  • FTW - Flying Training Wing
  • FDO - Flight Deck Officer