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FTU: Meaning Category
FTU Formal Training Unit Airforce
FTU Tôlanaro Airport (Marillac Airport) [Tôlanaro, Madagascar] IATA Airport Code
FTU Fairy Tale Unit Educational abbreviations
FTU File Transfer Utility computing abbreviations and acronyms
FTU Fat, Tired, Useless Military abbreviations
FTU Field Training Unit Military abbreviations
FTU Fitness Training Unit Military abbreviations
FTU Freight Terminal Unit Military abbreviations
FTU Fondation Travail- Université University abbreviations
FTU Frederick Taylor University University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ftu

  • FAT - File Allocation Table
  • FD - Flight Director
  • FDU - Flux detector unit
  • FDA - Food and Drug Administration
  • FTE - Full-time equivalent
  • FAAD - Forward Area Air Defense
  • FET - Future Engineer Tank
  • FID - Foreign Internal Defenses
  • FITOW - Further Improved TOW (US)
  • FOD - Foreign Object Damage (i.e., damage not caused by enemy fire. Includes bugs, dirt, etc.) (Aviation)
  • FOTT - Follow On To TOW
  • FTA - Frangible Training Ammunition
  • FTT - Field Tactical Trainer
  • FVDD - Fighting Vehicle Development Division
  • FTW - Flying Training Wing
  • FDO - Flight Deck Officer