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Abbreviations similar to ftv

  • FDB- Food and Drugs Board
  • FEDEP- Federation Development Process (Simulation)
  • FTP- File Transfer Protocol
  • FYDP- Five-Year Defense Plan (U.S.)
  • FDP- field development plan
  • FDF- Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport
  • FTTP- Fiber To The Premises
  • FDPA- Frenchtown Dog Park Association
  • FITP- Fiesta In The Park
  • FTFP- Family To Family Project
  • FITF- Focused Interaction Testing Framework
  • FTFY- First Time, First Year
  • FDIB- Frequency-Domain Intermodulation Balance
  • FTAB- Focus Technical Advisory Board
  • FTFO- Fundamental Train Frequency Outer race