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FTW Flying Training Wing Airforce
FTW For The Win (a commonly used phrase used online to indicate success) F@#K The World, Forever Together Where ever (gang slogan) Acronym
FTW Fort Worth Meacham International Airport [Fort Worth, Texas, United States] IATA Airport Code
FTW File Tree Walk computing abbreviations and acronyms
FTW Free The Whales media abbreviations and acronyms
FTW Feel The Wrath Military abbreviations
FTW Fight To Win Military abbreviations
FTW For The Win sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ftw

  • FAT - File Allocation Table
  • FD - Flight Director
  • FDU - Flux detector unit
  • FDA - Food and Drug Administration
  • FTE - Full-time equivalent
  • FAAD - Forward Area Air Defense
  • FET - Future Engineer Tank
  • FID - Foreign Internal Defenses
  • FITOW - Further Improved TOW (US)
  • FOD - Foreign Object Damage (i.e., damage not caused by enemy fire. Includes bugs, dirt, etc.) (Aviation)
  • FOTT - Follow On To TOW
  • FTA - Frangible Training Ammunition
  • FTT - Field Tactical Trainer
  • FVDD - Fighting Vehicle Development Division
  • FTU - Formal Training Unit
  • FDO - Flight Deck Officer