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FU: MeaningCategory
FUSmoke (METAR Code)Acronym
FUFamily UrbanCommunity abbreviations
FUForever UnchainedCommunity abbreviations
FUFuture's UnpredictableEducational abbreviations
FUFeedback UnitElectronics abbreviations
FUFortran Unitcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
FUFart Underwater (submarine sound)Military abbreviations
FUFire UnitMilitary abbreviations
FUFirst UserMilitary abbreviations
FUFoul UpMilitary abbreviations
FUFlows UnlimitedNon-Profit Organizations
FUFunctional Unitsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
FUFighter Undergroundsports abbreviations
FUFootball Unitedsports abbreviations
FUFlorida UniversityUniversity abbreviations
FUFordham UniversityUniversity abbreviations
FUFriends UniversityUniversity abbreviations
FUFurman UniversityUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to fu

  • FAA- Federal Aviation Administration
  • FBW- Fly-by-wire
  • FF- Fuel flow
  • FI- Fiscal intermediary
  • FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FFE- Fire for Effect
  • FH- field howitzer
  • FO- Forward Observer
  • FOO- forward observation officer
  • FPA- Focal Plane Array
  • FUE- First Unit Equipped
  • FV- fighting vehicle
  • FY- fiscal year
  • FOA- Field Operating Agency
  • FOUO- For Official Use Only
  • FW- Fighter Wing
  • FA- Fireman Apprentice
  • FHO- Foundation house officer
  • FAO- Food and Agriculture Organization