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G: MeaningCategory
GLOC - G - induced Loss of ConsciousnessAirforce
GGauss|| General Audiences (movie rating)Acronym
GCSF|| Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating FactorAcronym
G(catalog) Giclas, a catalog of nearby starsastronomy
GGlassChemistry abbreviations
GGraphiteChemistry abbreviations
GGuanineChemistry abbreviations
GGypsumChemistry abbreviations
GGreatCommunity abbreviations
GGeneralEducational abbreviations
GGeneral TestEducational abbreviations
Gform G (polar break; break) contactsElectronics abbreviations
GGate (transistor)Electronics abbreviations
GGrid (vacuum tube)Electronics abbreviations
GGraphicscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
GGlossarymedia abbreviations and acronyms
GGatlingMilitary abbreviations
GGenderMilitary abbreviations
GGigaMilitary abbreviations
GGrantedMilitary abbreviations
GGrenadeMilitary abbreviations
GGutsMilitary abbreviations
GGetsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
GGzipsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
GGambitsports abbreviations
GGamessports abbreviations
GGoalssports abbreviations
GGolfsports abbreviations
GGatorsUniversity abbreviations
GGeniusUniversity abbreviations
GGoodUniversity abbreviations
GGraduateUniversity abbreviations
GGuruUniversity abbreviations
g: MeaningCategory

Abbreviations similar to g

  • GUI- Graphics User Interface
  • GCU- Generator control unit
  • GGS- Global positioning system ground station
  • GO- Go Around
  • GS- Glide Slope
  • GHAA- Group Health Association of America
  • GC- Gonococcal, gonorrhea
  • GI- Gastrointestinal
  • GU- Genitourinary
  • GAO- General Accounting Office
  • GCE- gun control equipment
  • GCW- Gross Combat Weight
  • GH- gun-howitzer
  • GW- guided weapon
  • GCCS- Global Command and Control System (pronounced: geeks—IPA: giks)
  • GCS- Ground Control Station
  • GQ- General Quarters (Call to battle stations)
  • GSA- Global War on Terrorism Support Assignments also General Services Administration
  • GAW- Ghana Association of Writers