Found 2 abbreviations in 2 groups
G: Meaning Category
G gendarmerie military
G LOC - G - induced Loss of Consciousness Airforce
G Gauss|| General Audiences (movie rating) Acronym
G CSF|| Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor Acronym
G (catalog) Giclas, a catalog of nearby stars astronomy
G Guard sports
G Goal sports
G Glass Chemistry abbreviations
G Graphite Chemistry abbreviations
G Guanine Chemistry abbreviations
G Gypsum Chemistry abbreviations
G Great Community abbreviations
G General Educational abbreviations
G General Test Educational abbreviations
G form G (polar break; break) contacts Electronics abbreviations
G Gate (transistor) Electronics abbreviations
G Grid (vacuum tube) Electronics abbreviations
G Graphics computing abbreviations and acronyms
G Glossary media abbreviations and acronyms
G Gatling Military abbreviations
G Gender Military abbreviations
G Giga Military abbreviations
G Granted Military abbreviations
G Grenade Military abbreviations
G Guts Military abbreviations
G Get software abbreviations and acronyms
G Gzip software abbreviations and acronyms
G Gambit sports abbreviations
G Games sports abbreviations
G Goals sports abbreviations
G Golf sports abbreviations
G Gators University abbreviations
G Genius University abbreviations
G Good University abbreviations
G Graduate University abbreviations
G Guru University abbreviations
g: Meaning Category
g gramme(s) military
g Gram Acronym

Abbreviations similar to g

  • GUI - Graphics User Interface
  • GCU - Generator control unit
  • GGS - Global positioning system ground station
  • GO - Go Around
  • GS - Glide Slope
  • GHAA - Group Health Association of America
  • GC - Gonococcal, gonorrhea
  • GI - Gastrointestinal
  • GU - Genitourinary
  • GAO - General Accounting Office
  • GCE - gun control equipment
  • GCW - Gross Combat Weight
  • GH - gun-howitzer
  • GW - guided weapon
  • GCCS - Global Command and Control System (pronounced: geeks—IPA: giks)
  • GCS - Ground Control Station
  • GQ - General Quarters (Call to battle stations)
  • GSA - Global War on Terrorism Support Assignments also General Services Administration
  • GAW - Ghana Association of Writers