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GBSGlobal Broadcast Service (pronounced: jibz—IPA: dʒɪbz)Airforce
GBSGuillain–Barré syndromeacronyms for diseases and disorders
GBSGravity Based Structureoil&gas
GBSGannon Broadcasting Systems, abbreviations and acronyms
GBSGratuitous Booty Shotmedia abbreviations and acronyms
GBSGeneric Battle SystemMilitary abbreviations
GBSGeorge Barton ShickMilitary abbreviations
GBSGlobal Broadcast ServiceMilitary abbreviations
GBSGlobal Broadcast SystemMilitary abbreviations
GBSGlobal Broadcasting SystemMilitary abbreviations
GBSGround-Based SensorMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to gbs

  • GBAS- Ground based augmentation system
  • GPS- Global Positioning System
  • GPWC- Ground proximity warning computer
  • GPWS- Ground proximity warning system
  • GPCI- Geographic practice cost index
  • GB viz.- Gall bladder visualization
  • GPSS- Gunner's Primary Sight Subsystem
  • GPC- Government Purchase Card
  • GPhC- General Pharmaceutical Council (UK)
  • GAFCSC- Ghana Armed Forces Command & Staff College
  • GBC- Ghana Bauxite Company
  • GEPC- Ghana Export Promotion Council
  • GFIC- Ghana Film Industry Corporation
  • GHAPSO- Ghana People's Solidarity Organization
  • GPSC- Ghana Peace and Solidarity Council
  • GBBC- Great Backyard Bird Count
  • GEBCO- General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans
  • GFCI- Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (aka GFI)