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GEMS: Meaning Category
GEMS (organization) Group Evolution Multi-wavelength Study astronomy
GEMS (survey) Galaxy Evolution from Morphology and Spectral energy distributions astronomy
GEMS Gentle Excellent Mature Sisters Community abbreviations
GEMS Glasgow Emergency Medical Service Community abbreviations
GEMS Girls Exploring Math And Science Educational abbreviations
GEMS Giving Education Mentoring Support Educational abbreviations
GEMS Global Education Model Of Schooling Educational abbreviations
GEMS Global Educational Management System Educational abbreviations
GEMS Graceland Educational Media Services Educational abbreviations
GEMS Global Election Management Software software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to gems

  • GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System
  • GMC - General Motors Corporation
  • GMG - Grenade Machine Gun
  • GMS - Gun Management System
  • GC / GNC - Guidance and Control
  • GAINS - Ghana Agricultural Information Network System
  • GNCC - Ghana National Chamber of Commerce
  • GNMC - Ghana National Manganese Corporation
  • GNYC - Ghana National Youth Council
  • GSMC - Ghana State Mining Corporation
  • GUNSA - Ghana United Nations Students' Association
  • GINK - Going Insane Not Knowing||orig. Colorado 2010 M.Kalfas
  • GMAC - General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the original name of the company now known as Ally Financial