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GEMSS: Meaning Category
GEMSS (organization) Global Exoplanet M-dwarf Search-Survey, a search for exoplanets around m-dwarf stars astronomy
GEMSS Ground Emplaced Mine Scattering System Military abbreviations
GEMSS Grid Enabled Medical Simulation Services software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to gemss

  • GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System
  • GMC - General Motors Corporation
  • GMG - Grenade Machine Gun
  • GMS - Gun Management System
  • GC / GNC - Guidance and Control
  • GAINS - Ghana Agricultural Information Network System
  • GNCC - Ghana National Chamber of Commerce
  • GNMC - Ghana National Manganese Corporation
  • GNYC - Ghana National Youth Council
  • GSMC - Ghana State Mining Corporation
  • GUNSA - Ghana United Nations Students' Association
  • GINK - Going Insane Not Knowing||orig. Colorado 2010 M.Kalfas
  • GMAC - General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the original name of the company now known as Ally Financial