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Gp: Meaning Category
Gp Group Airforce
GP: Meaning Category
GP General practitioner healthcare
GP General Purpose military
GP guided projectile military
GP Ghana Post ghana
GP General Practitioner||General Purpose||Grand Prix|| Guadeloupe (ISO 3166 digram; FIPS 10-4 territory code) Acronym
GP (astrophysics terminology) Giant Pulses, a type of observed pulse emission from pulsars astronomy
GP glide path. See Instrument landing system aerospace
GP Gross Profit business
GP Games played sports
GP Gas Phase Chemistry abbreviations
GP Glucose Precursor Chemistry abbreviations
GP German Pavilion Community abbreviations
GP Great People Community abbreviations
GP General Protection computing abbreviations and acronyms
GP Graphic Panel computing abbreviations and acronyms
GP Gamers Press media abbreviations and acronyms
GP Great Performances media abbreviations and acronyms
GP Group Military abbreviations
GP Game Percentages sports abbreviations
GP Game Player sports abbreviations
GP Games Played sports abbreviations
GP Girl Pilots sports abbreviations
GP Good Practice sports abbreviations
GP Grand Prix sports abbreviations
GP Grand Prize sports abbreviations
GP Guest Pass sports abbreviations
GP Grade Points University abbreviations
GP Graduate Program University abbreviations
GP Greek Power University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to gp

  • G2B - Government to Business
  • GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
  • GAF - Geographic adjustment factor
  • GAP - Gun Aiming Post
  • GFE - Government Furnished Equipment
  • GOP - General Out Post
  • GPO - gun position officer
  • GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight
  • GOV - Government Owned Vehicle
  • GABA - Ghana Amateur Boxing Association
  • GBA - Ghana Bar Association
  • GCFA - Gold Coast Farmers' Association
  • GCP - Ghana Congress Party
  • GCPP - Great Consolidated Popular Party
  • GFA - Ghana Football Authority
  • GPHA - Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority
  • GPP - Ghana Peoples' Party
  • GPPF - Ghana Progressive Popular Front