Found 25 abbreviations in 2 groups
Gr.: MeaningCategory
Gr.Gratia ("Grace")ecclesiastical
GR: MeaningCategory
GRGreece (FIPS 10-4 country code; ISO 3166 digram)||Hail (METAR Code)Acronym
GRGround Level (or Elevation //(also )) or Gamma Rayoil&gas
GR(astrophysics terminology) General Relativityastronomy
GR(catalog) Giclas Red dwarf, a catalog of red dwarfsastronomy
GRGeneral RadiationChemistry abbreviations
GRGlufosinate ResistantChemistry abbreviations
GRGuaranteed ReagentChemistry abbreviations
GRGold RushCommunity abbreviations
GRGravestone RecordCommunity abbreviations
GRGeneral RequirementsEducational abbreviations
GRGlobal RecognitionEducational abbreviations
GRGrade ReportsEducational abbreviations
GRGraduateEducational abbreviations
GRGround RepresentationElectronics abbreviations
GRGnu Radiomedia abbreviations and acronyms
GRGeneral ReconnaissanceMilitary abbreviations
GRGerman RifleMilitary abbreviations
GRGraduated ResponseMilitary abbreviations
GRGraves RegistrationMilitary abbreviations
GRGrid ReferenceMilitary abbreviations
GRGiarratano-Rileysoftware abbreviations and acronyms
GRGraemlin Relatedsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
GRGame Resultssports abbreviations
GRGuard Reversalsports abbreviations
GRGaming ResearchUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to gr

  • GRU- Glavnoe Razvedyvatel'noe Upravlenie, meaning Main Intelligence Directorate
  • GSR- General Staff Requirement (US)
  • GAAR- General Anti-Avoidance Rule (tax evasion)
  • GER- Germany (IOC and FIFA trigram, but not ISO 3166)
  • GRE- Graduate Record Examination
  • GEORE- Geological Report
  • GOR- Gas Oil Ratio
  • GRI- Central Nebraska Regional Airport
  • GRA- Gamarra Airport
  • GAR- Garaina Airport
  • GGR- Garoe Airport
  • GRH- Garuahi Airport
  • GRR- Gerald R. Ford International Airport
  • GRO- Girona-Costa Brava Airport
  • GJR- Gjögur Airport