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GSM: Meaning Category
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications Open Standards
GSM Gas turbin mechainc Navy
GSM General Service Medal Acronym
GSM Grams per Square Metre (paper thickness; properly g/m2) Acronym
GSM Ground Station Module Acronym
GSM Groupe spécial mobile (French, "Special Mobile Group"; official expansion is now Global System for Mobile Communications) Acronym
GSM Gheshm Airport [Gheshm, Iran] IATA Airport Code
GSM Global System for Mobile (communications) Electronics abbreviations
GSM General Support Maintenance Military abbreviations
GSM Generic Simulation Manager Military abbreviations
GSM Ground Support Module Military abbreviations
GSM Graduate School of Management University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to gsm

  • GNU - Gnu's Not Unix
  • GME - Graduate medical education
  • GAMA - Gun Automatic Multiple Ammunition
  • Gen - General
  • GCCS-M - Global Command and Control System-Maritime
  • GM - Gunner's Mate
  • GCMA - Ghana Co-operative Marketing Association
  • GMA - Ghana Manufacturing Association
  • GNA - Ghana National Archives
  • GCN - Gamma-ray burst Coordination Network
  • GEMA - Gas and Electricity Markets Authority||Georgia Emergency Management Agency|| Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (German performance rights organisation)|| Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance
  • GIN - Guinea (ISO 3166 trigram)|| Guidelines International Network
  • GINO - Godzilla In Name Only