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GTG: MeaningCategory
GTGGot To Go (Internet chat)Acronym
GTGGrantsburg Municipal Airport[Grantsburg, Wisconsin, United States]IATA Airport Code
GTGGran Turismo Garagesports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to gtg

  • GTCS- Gun Test and Control System
  • GTC- Government Travel Card
  • GDC- General Dental Council (UK)
  • GCTUC- Gold Coast Trades Union Congress
  • GTUC- Ghana Telecom University College
  • GOTS- Government off-the-shelf
  • GTK- Good To Know (Internet chat)
  • GTQ- Guatemalan quetzal (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • GDJ- Gandajika Airport
  • GDZ- Gelendzhik Airport
  • GDQ- Gondar Airport
  • GTS- Granite Downs Airport
  • GDG- Magdagachi Airport
  • GDX- Sokol Airport
  • GDS- (celestial object) Great Dark Spot, a transient feature in the clouds of Neptune