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GTM: MeaningCategory
GTMGuatemala (ISO 3166 trigram)Acronym
GTMGnome Transfer Managercomputing abbreviations and acronyms
GTMGlobal Transportation ManagementMilitary abbreviations
GTMGrand Touring Minisports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to gtm

  • GDM- Ghana Democratic Movement
  • GTMO- Ghana Timber Miller Organization
  • GOYADIN- Get Off Your Arse, Do It Now (anti-procrastination mantra)
  • GDN- Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (Rebiechowo Airport)
  • GTN- Glentanner Aerodrome
  • GWTM- Good Will Toward Men
  • GCTN- Global Combating Terrorism Network
  • GDDM- Graphical Data Display Manager
  • GTAM- Ground To Air Missile
  • GITAM- Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management