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GW guided weapon military
GW Games Workshop||Germ Warfare|| Gigawatt|| Guided Weapon|| Guinea-Bissau (ISO 3166 digram) Acronym
GW Gigawatt (one billion watts) (measurement- elect) energy
GW Golden Week Community abbreviations
GW Gaming World media abbreviations and acronyms
GW Goes With media abbreviations and acronyms
GW Grammatical Words media abbreviations and acronyms
GW Guild Wars media abbreviations and acronyms
GW Gateway Military abbreviations
GW Golden Wonder Military abbreviations
GW Guerrilla Warfare Military abbreviations
GW The Great War Military abbreviations
GW Game Winner sports abbreviations
GW Games Workshop sports abbreviations
GW George Washington University University abbreviations
GW Georgetown Waitlist University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to gw

  • GUI - Graphics User Interface
  • GCU - Generator control unit
  • GGS - Global positioning system ground station
  • GO - Go Around
  • GS - Glide Slope
  • GHAA - Group Health Association of America
  • GC - Gonococcal, gonorrhea
  • GI - Gastrointestinal
  • GU - Genitourinary
  • g - gramme(s)
  • GAO - General Accounting Office
  • GCE - gun control equipment
  • GCW - Gross Combat Weight
  • GH - gun-howitzer
  • GCCS - Global Command and Control System (pronounced: geeks—IPA: giks)
  • GCS - Ground Control Station
  • GQ - General Quarters (Call to battle stations)