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ha: Meaning Category
ha Hausa language (ISO 639-1 code)||Hectare Acronym
HA: Meaning Category
HA Hospital Apprentice Navy
HA Haiti (FIPS 10-4 country code)|| High Availability Acronym
HA Headaches optometric
HA Hyaluronic Acid Chemistry abbreviations
HA Hunger Assistance Community abbreviations
HA Hidden Answer Educational abbreviations
HA High Achievers Educational abbreviations
HA Home Assignment Educational abbreviations
HA Handset Amplifier Electronics abbreviations
HA High Availability computing abbreviations and acronyms
HA Home Address computing abbreviations and acronyms
HA Host Agent computing abbreviations and acronyms
HA Heath Anthology media abbreviations and acronyms
HA Heavy Artillery Military abbreviations
HA High Altitude Military abbreviations
HA Hit Avoidance Military abbreviations
HA Holding Area Military abbreviations
HA Humanitarian Assistance Military abbreviations
HA Hydrocephalus Association Non-Profit Organizations
HA High Adventure sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ha

  • HHA - Home Health Agency
  • HIAA - Health Insurance Association of America
  • h - hour(s)
  • HE - high-explosive
  • HEAA - High-Explosive Anti-Armour
  • HEI - high-explosive incendiary
  • HIU - Heading Indicator Unit
  • HOE - Holographic Optical Element
  • How - Howitzer
  • HIA - Held in Abeyance
  • HO - Historians Office
  • HUAW - Hurry Up and Wait
  • HAI - Human Awareness Institute
  • hau - Hausa language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • HAW - Heavy Antitank Weapon