Found 30 abbreviations in 4 groups
H.S.: Meaning Category
H.S. Hic Situs ("Laid Here") ecclesiastical
H&S: Meaning Category
H&S Headquarters and Service Military abbreviations
Hs: Meaning Category
Hs Hassium Acronym
Hs Significant Wave Height oil&gas
HS: Meaning Category
HS Headquarters Squadron - Marine Wing Support Group (USMC) military
HS Helicopter Squadron (HS-4 Black Knights) Navy
HS Hidden States Chemistry abbreviations
HS Home Safe Community abbreviations
HS Head Start Educational abbreviations
HS High School Educational abbreviations
HS Home Schooled Educational abbreviations
HS Home Sick Educational abbreviations
HS Harmonic Synthesizer Electronics abbreviations
HS High Sensitivity Electronics abbreviations
HS Heavy Stuff media abbreviations and acronyms
HS Helicopter Antisubmarine (Navy) Military abbreviations
HS Hellenic Squadron Military abbreviations
HS Hidden Sniper Military abbreviations
HS High Seas Military abbreviations
HS High Speed Military abbreviations
HS Home Station Military abbreviations
HS Homeland Security Military abbreviations
HS Homing Signal Military abbreviations
HS Hot Swap Military abbreviations
HS Human Shield Military abbreviations
HS Haiti Surf sports abbreviations
HS Head Shotz sports abbreviations
HS Healthy Scratch sports abbreviations
HS Highest Scoring sports abbreviations
HS High Standard University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to hs

  • H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide
  • HAC - Hachijojima Airport (Hachijo Jima Airport)
  • HACA - Highbank Area Civic Association
  • HACC - Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce
  • HACS - Hendersonville Area Computer Society
  • HACU - Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
  • HAG - Heavy Artillery Gun
  • HAGA - Houston Amateur Golf Association
  • HAJ - Hannover Airport
  • HAK - Haikou Meilan International Airport
  • HAQ - Hanimaadhoo Airport
  • HAS - Holmes–Adie syndrome
  • HASA - High Altitude SIGINT Architecture
  • HASC - House Armed Services Committee
  • HASCII - Hebrew in ASCII characters
  • HASE - HIV+ AIDS Search Engine
  • HASG - Homeopathic Affiliated Study Group
  • HASH - hashish
  • HASI - (instrumentation) Huygens Atmosphere Structure Instrument, an instrument on the Huygens probe
  • HASS - Humanities, Arts, and Social Science