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IAB: MeaningCategory
IABInternet Architecture BoardOpen Standards
IABInternational Association for BiologicalsAcronym
IABMcConnell Air Force Base[Wichita, Kansas, United States]IATA Airport Code
IABInteractive Advertising Bureaumedia abbreviations and acronyms
IABInternet Advertising Bureaumedia abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to iab

  • IP- Internet Protocol
  • IFE- In-flight entertainment
  • IFF- Identification Friend or Foe
  • IPA- Independent Practice Association
  • IPF- Inpatient psychiatric facility
  • IV- Intravenous
  • IVP- Intravenous pyelogram (urogram)
  • IAFV- infantry armoured fighting vehicle
  • IFV- infantry fighting vehicle
  • IOF- Indian Ordnance Factory
  • IPB- Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
  • IPO- International Programme Office
  • IAP- In Assignment Processing