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IED: MeaningCategory
IEDImprovised Explosive Devicemilitary
IEDIntermittent explosive disorderacronyms for diseases and disorders
IEDInformation Entertainment DecadenceCommunity abbreviations
IEDDistributed Intelligent Electronic DeviceElectronics abbreviations
IEDimprovised explosive deviceMilitary abbreviations
IEDIntroduction to Engineering and DesignUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ied

  • IT- Information Technology
  • ITU- International Telecommunication Union
  • ID- Identify/Identification or identifier
  • ITT- Interstage turbine temperature
  • IDIA- Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals
  • IDW- Individual Defence Weapon
  • ITOW- Improved TOW
  • IDA- Irrigation Development Authority
  • IDEA- International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
  • IAD- Ion Assisted Deposition
  • IATA- International Air Transport Association