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IHRAIdaho Hydropower Resource AssessmentCommunity abbreviations
IHRAInternational Human Rights AssociationNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to ihra

  • IIR- Imaging Infra-Red
  • IR- Infra-Red
  • IRU- Inertial Reference Unit
  • IRI- Industrial Research Institute
  • IER- Information Exchange Requirement
  • IHR- Institute for Historical Review
  • IRA- Individual Retirement Account||Irish Republican Army (see also List of organisations known as the Irish Republican Army for groups claiming descent from this organisation)
  • IREA- Intermountain Rural Electric Association
  • IRO- International Refugee Organisation
  • IRR- Iranian rial (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • IOR- Inishmore Aerodrome (Kilronan Airport)
  • IRE- Irecê Airport
  • IAR- Yaroslavl Airport