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IMF: MeaningCategory
IMFIntermediate Maintenance FacilityNavy
IMFIrish Medicines FormularyMedical-organisations
IMFInternational Monetary Fundghana
IMFTulihal Airport[Imphal, India]IATA Airport Code
IMF(astrophysics terminology) Initial Mass Function, the relative numbers of stars of different masses that form during star formationastronomy
IMFI Might FailEducational abbreviations
IMFImpossible Mission Forcemedia abbreviations and acronyms
IMFIntelligent Mine FieldMilitary abbreviations
IMFInternational Monetary Fund (UN)Military abbreviations
IMFInfant Mortality FundNon-Profit Organizations
IMFIntrepid Museum FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
IMFInstructional Materials FundsUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to imf

  • IMAP- Internet Message Access Protocol
  • INOP- Inoperative/Inoperable
  • IMB- Imbaimadai Airport
  • IMP- Imperatriz Airport
  • INF- In Guezzam Airport
  • INB- Independence Airport
  • INV- Inverness Airport
  • IMBH- (celestial object) Intermediate Mass Black Hole
  • INP- In Pace ("In Peace")