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IMPImperatriz Airport[Imperatriz, Maranhão, Brazil]IATA Airport Code
IMPIdeaspace Mining ProgramEducational abbreviations
IMPInteractive Math ProgramEducational abbreviations
IMPlogical Implied (programming, IC design)computing abbreviations and acronyms
IMPIntelligent Media Playermedia abbreviations and acronyms
IMPImpedanceMilitary abbreviations
IMPImplementationMilitary abbreviations
IMPImplementation and Monitoring PlanMilitary abbreviations
IMPIndividual Meal PackMilitary abbreviations
IMPInformation Management PlanMilitary abbreviations
IMPInput Message ProcessingMilitary abbreviations
IMPIntelligence Message ProcessorMilitary abbreviations
IMPInterface Management PlanMilitary abbreviations
IMPInterface Message ProcessorMilitary abbreviations
IMPInventory Management PlanMilitary abbreviations
IMPlogical Implied (programming)software abbreviations and acronyms
IMPInternational Match Pointsports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to imp

  • IMAP- Internet Message Access Protocol
  • INOP- Inoperative/Inoperable
  • IMF- Intermediate Maintenance Facility
  • IMB- Imbaimadai Airport
  • INF- In Guezzam Airport
  • INB- Independence Airport
  • INV- Inverness Airport
  • IMBH- (celestial object) Intermediate Mass Black Hole
  • INP- In Pace ("In Peace")