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INGLago Argentino Airport (closed 2006)[El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina]IATA Airport Code
ING(organization) Isaac Newton Group of Telescopesastronomy
INGInformation, Nurturing, and GrowthEducational abbreviations
INGInactive National GuardMilitary abbreviations
INGIraqi National GuardMilitary abbreviations
INGING's Not GPLsoftware abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to ing

  • IMC- Instrument meteorological conditions
  • InHg- Inch of Mercury
  • INS- Inertial Navigation System
  • IMS- Iowa Medical Society
  • INOSC- Integrated Network Operations and Security Center
  • IAMMS- Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences
  • INHS- Inland Northwest Health Services
  • IMWG- Inter-Ministerial Working Group
  • INCC- Interim National Coordinating Committee
  • INEC- Interim National Electoral Commission
  • IMNSHO- In My Not So Humble Opinion
  • IMSA- Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy||International Mind Sports Association||International Motor Sports Association
  • INAS- International Near-Earth Asteroid Survey
  • INC- Iglesia ni Cristo (Filipino, "Church of Christ")||Indian National Congress||International Network of Crackers||Iraqi National Congress
  • IMAG- Image Analysis Report
  • IMCA- International Marine Contractors Association