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Intropta.Introscripta ("Written within")ecclesiastical

Abbreviations similar to intropta

  • in trans.- in transitu (Latin, "in transit")
  • INTERFET- International Force for East Timor
  • INDRS- IND RES Sonic Log
  • INTERNET- Internetworking
  • INDRAC- Interagency Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Database of Responsibilities, Authorities, and Capabilities
  • INDRSA- Independent Reserve Storage Activity
  • InterAction- American Council For Voluntary International Action
  • INTERCO- International Code of Signals
  • INTEROP- Inter-operational
  • INTERPOL-USNCB- International Criminal Police Organization, United States National Central Bureau (DOJ)
  • INTREP- Intelligence Report
  • INTERMACS- Interagency Registry for Mechanically Assisted Circulatory Support