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IP: Meaning Category
IP Internet Protocol Open Standards
IP Intraperitoneal healthcare
IP Instructor Pilot Airforce
IP Irish Pennant - A loose thread of a Naval or Marine uniform. Navy
IP Clipperton Island (FIPS 10-4 territory code)|| Initial Point||Intellectual Property||Internet Protocol Acronym
IP Incontinentia pigmenti acronyms for diseases and disorders
IP Intellectual Property computing
IP inning(s) pitched sports
IP Intended Parent Community abbreviations
IP intellectual property Educational abbreviations
IP Image Processing Military abbreviations
IP Implementation Procedure Military abbreviations
IP Informal Processing Military abbreviations
IP Information Processor Military abbreviations
IP Initial Point Military abbreviations
IP Initial Point (bombing) Military abbreviations
IP Initial Position Military abbreviations
IP Initial Production Military abbreviations
IP Intelligence Processing Military abbreviations
IP Internal Protocol Military abbreviations
IP International Patrol Military abbreviations
IP India Partners Non-Profit Organizations
IP Innings Pitched sports abbreviations
IP Interesting Point University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ip

  • IAB - Internet Architecture Board
  • IFE - In-flight entertainment
  • IFF - Identification Friend or Foe
  • IPA - Independent Practice Association
  • IPF - Inpatient psychiatric facility
  • IV - Intravenous
  • IVP - Intravenous pyelogram (urogram)
  • IAFV - infantry armoured fighting vehicle
  • IFV - infantry fighting vehicle
  • IOF - Indian Ordnance Factory
  • IPB - Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
  • IPO - International Programme Office
  • IAP - In Assignment Processing
  • IAAF - International Association of Athletics Federations ("International Amateur Athletics Federation" from 1912 to 2001)