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IRT: MeaningCategory
IRT"in reference to..."Navy
IRTinstrument rating testaerospace
IRTInterpersonal Relations TrainingEducational abbreviations
IRTInternet Related TechnologyElectronics abbreviations
IRTIn Real Timecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
IRTIndependent Review TeamMilitary abbreviations
IRTInitial Response TeamMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to irt

  • IRAD- Internal Research and Development
  • IRD- Infantile Refsum disease
  • IRAIT- (telescope) International Robotic Antarctic Infrared Telescope
  • IrDA- Infrared Data Association
  • IR&D- Independent Research and Development
  • IRTT- Initial Round Trip Time
  • IARD- Institute of Agricultural Research for Development
  • IRRT- International Relations Round Table
  • IRTA- Intramural Research Training Award