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ITAP: Meaning Category
ITAP Information Technology for Active Perception computing abbreviations and acronyms
ITAP Interim Technology Advice Panel computing abbreviations and acronyms
ITAP International Technical Advisory Panel Non-Profit Organizations
ITAP Ice Tea Active Pages software abbreviations and acronyms
ITAP Individual Training Assistance Program University abbreviations
ITAP Information Technology Associates Program University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to itap

  • IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force
  • IDPH - Iowa Department of Public Health
  • IDF - Israel Defense Forces
  • ITV - Improved TOW Vehicle (US)
  • IATF - International Automotive Task Force
  • ITF - International Tennis Federation
  • ITP - Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
  • IDB - Idre Airport
  • IDP - Independence Municipal Airport
  • ITB - Itaituba Airport