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ITD: MeaningCategory
ITDInternal Turret Disconnectableoil&gas
ITDImpedance Threshold DeviceElectronics abbreviations
ITDIsothermal Desorption SpectrometryElectronics abbreviations
ITDInception To DateMilitary abbreviations
ITDInterim Terrain DataMilitary abbreviations
ITDInspirational Throw Downsports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to itd

  • IT- Information Technology
  • ITU- International Telecommunication Union
  • ID- Identify/Identification or identifier
  • ITT- Interstage turbine temperature
  • IDIA- Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals
  • IDW- Individual Defence Weapon
  • IED- Improvised Explosive Device
  • ITOW- Improved TOW
  • IDA- Irrigation Development Authority
  • IDEA- International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
  • IAD- Ion Assisted Deposition
  • IATA- International Air Transport Association