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ITSC: MeaningCategory
ITSCInstructional Technology Service CenterEducational abbreviations
ITSCInformation Technology Standards CommitteeNon-Profit Organizations
ITSCInformation Technology and Systems CenterUniversity abbreviations
ITSCInformation Technology Support CenterUniversity abbreviations
ITSCInstructional Technology Support CenterUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to itsc

  • IDS- Information display system or integrated display system
  • ITC- Iowa Trauma Coordinators
  • IDAC- Infectious disease advisory committee
  • ITAS- Improved Target Acquisition System
  • ITS- Information Technology Submarines
  • IDC- Industrial Development Corporation
  • ITOCA- Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa
  • IADS- Integrated Air Defence System
  • IATSE- International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
  • IDK- I don't know
  • IDTS- I don't think so
  • ITAG- Inertial Terrain-Aided Guidance
  • ITCZ- (i/p) Intertropical Convergence Zone
  • ITEC- Information Technology Exposition & Conference
  • ITK- In The Know