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IVD: MeaningCategory
IVDInternet Video Device, intra vas deviceAcronym
IVDIon Vapor DepositionChemistry abbreviations
IVDInteractive Video Disccomputing abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to ivd

  • IPPD- Integrated Product Process Development
  • IFT- Introductory Flight Training
  • IBD- Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • IPT- Integrated Product/Project Team
  • IFD- Idealism Frustration Despair
  • IFFD- International Federation for Family Development
  • IPOD- Interim Planning Overlay District
  • IPTA- Illinois Public Transportation Association
  • IBT- Internet Based Training
  • IEPD- Institute for Education and Professional Development
  • IEPT- Individualized Educational Planning Team
  • IPD- Initial Professional Development
  • IPPT- Individual Physical Proficiency Test
  • IPTE- Initial Professional Teacher Education
  • IVDA- International Voice Dialogue Agreement