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J.D.: MeaningCategory
J.D.Juris Doctor ("Doctor of Law")ecclesiastical
J.D.Other Intelligence Systems Pms (Integrator)Military abbreviations
J.D.Doctor of Laws [Lat.]University abbreviations
JD: MeaningCategory
JDJack Daniel's (whiskey)Acronym
JDJulian dayAcronym
JDJuris Doctor (Latin, "doctor of jurisprudence")Acronym
JD(astrophysics terminology) Julian Date, an alternative time commonly used in astronomyastronomy
JDJammy DodgerCommunity abbreviations
JDJust DeplorableCommunity abbreviations
JDJoint DriverMilitary abbreviations
JDJulian DayMilitary abbreviations
JDJersey Devilsports abbreviations
JDJunior Divisionsports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to jd

  • JA/ATT- Joint Airborne/ Air Transportability Training
  • JATO- Jet - Assisted Take – Off
  • JCIET- Joint Combat Identification Evaluation Team
  • JET- Joint European Torus
  • JOD- Jordanian dinar (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • JSD- juris scientiae doctor (Latin, "doctor of science of law")
  • JSEAD- Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (see SEAD)
  • JT- Johnston Atoll (ISO 3166 digram; obsolete 1986)|| Junior Technician (RAF)
  • JHD- Juvenile Huntington's disease
  • JKT- All Airports
  • JTY- Astypalaia Airport
  • JDO- Cariri Regional Airport
  • JDY- Downey Heliport
  • JDA- Grant County Regional Airport (Ogilvie Field) (FAA: GCD)
  • JAT- Jabot Airport
  • JAD- Jandakot Airport
  • JTI- Jatai Airport
  • JDH- Jodhpur Airport